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Mobile Marketing Services

Bring the awesome power of text messaging to your business! Your customers simply text your Keyword to your short code to join your Mobile Marketing list. We’ll send a fully customizable automatic response back to them in seconds. Use different keywords to help build a segmented list for sending offers to only those who are more likely to respond to it!

You can add your text-2-join info to all your existing marketing efforts to help increase success! By adding a text-2-join call to action any announcement, print, radio, TV, Facebook & Twitter you can capture a new prospect and start building a relationship by sending specials to drive that prospect to become a Repeat Loyal Customer.

Connecting Businesses with their customers using text and instant message marketing. Our services include building your mobile database, creating and running mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing is the most affordable cost effective tool for building customer databases and connecting with customers.

• Lead generation
• Increase customer retention
• Targets and engages your customers
• Gain new customers

SMS Text Marketing in NJ

Why use SMS text messaging for marketing?

First, text messages get directly to the intended recipient and 97% of text messages are read. Your customers are mobile and an increasing number are using their phones around the clock. 91% of users keep their phone on and nearby all day. Even when your customers are on the go, their mobile phones are there, too.

Second, it is a growing opportunity. There are 5 billion mobile phones in use worldwide that send and receive SMS text messages. (Only a fraction of these are smart phones using sophisticated apps.) The mobile web is predicted to surpass the desk top in a few short years. Even Google has a separate index with different criteria for searching on a mobile phone.

Third, SMS text messaging helps extend the reach of your overall marketing strategy for a surprisingly affordable price, but it does require a unique approach. What works in traditional media can’t just be adapted for mobile marketing, but mobile marketing can reach a wider world with your message and product offer.

Fourth, it is the wave of the future. Users now span almost all age groups and use is growing rapidly. The value of goods and services actually purchased through mobile phones is growing daily. See current information on mobile use.