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MobilizMe is a full service local marketing solutions provider that utilizes today’s most efficient and effective communication and technology trends.

As a results-driven company, we take a tactical approach to building and managing each and every one of our clients long term local marketing success.

MobilizMe Your Local NJ Mobile Marketing Company

Local business marketing in New Jersey: Interestingly, consumers largely use the same decision process to find, evaluate and hire or purchase products from local businesses. In the past this process took place mainly offline, through magazine ads, flyers, person to person verbal referrals and other physical marketing promotions. Today, these very same activities have transitioned to the online world. As a local business you now need to shift your marketing to operate in the same places your target audience is operating.

This may seem like a difficult challenge at first, however the rewards are great. Local marketing allows you to target specific geographics (state, city, zip code) with a message that directly relates to EACH AND EVERY stage of a customer’s purchasing decision process. Best of all, you can measure how successful your local marketing is at any time ensuring you can continuously measure, refine and improve your marketing efforts.

At the end of the day the local business owner is able to pay for marketing that works, eliminate what does not work and focus their budget on growing their customer base.

This is what MobilizMe does for local businesses. We create local business marketing strategies to help you shift your marketing into the online world. Our tactics control the entire customer life cycle just the same way a global corporation would do, but our experience, tools and marketing savvy allows us to do it at a fraction of the price.