Mobile Website Design in Bergen County For Local Marketing

If you don't have a mobile website you're probably losing customers!

It’s Simple; Your Potential Customers are Mobile are You?

Did you know that there are currently 5 times as many mobile phones in the world than computers, and more local searches now happen on mobile devices than desktop computers?

As a business owner, you know how important it is that your customers feel welcomed by you, no matter how they find your business. Your mobile website is a big part of your customer experience so we make sure your first impression is a friendly one, that is, a mobile-friendly one. We focus on a simple, cost-effective mobile website design with you, the small business owner, in mind. We’re committed to make it easy for you to transition your site to meet the demands of an on-the-go marketplace.

What do your customers see when they pull up your website on a smartphone?

Many business websites are built using Flash; most websites were designed for a desktop screen. Some take a while to download; and some just simply don’t work on a mobile device! It’s a fact – over 82% of websites are not mobile compatible. Google says that if your mobile website is hard to read, 61% of your audience leaves, and 40% goes to a competitor that has a good mobile web presence.

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Bergen County Mobile Website Design

As smart phones with Internet capability become more common, having a mobile website can be crucial to a business’ success.

The mobile marketplace is growing rapidly and changing just as fast. Having a mobile website design that is easy to navigate and provides the user with the information they are looking for is critical. MobilizMe will take your business or organization into the mobile marketing world with a mobile website design that coverts searchers into customers.

Mobile users on the go require specific information and if that mobile user cannot access the required information quickly, they will leave your site and find a competitor’s site that is easy to use.

Why have a fully optimized mobile friendly website?

• Be found when customers are looking for you
• Click to call feature
• Mobile maps for directions
• Customer Loyalty Rewards Program
• Promotions and mobile coupons
• Track your ROI
• Stay ahead of the competition